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Glen Briar Academy prides itself on being an inclusive school environment, and at the core of this are our Additional Support Programs.  These programs provide children with ASD and other learning differences, daily opportunities to internalize key learning skills and reinforce learned concepts through support designed to meet their specific needs. Please reach out to us to inquire about the components and cost of each of the programs.  


The Intensive Support Program

With a focus on nurturing independence, self regulation, collaboration, and responsibility, the Intensive Support Program allows students seamless integration into age appropriate class settings where students receive the individualized support they require to be successful.  As well, the Intensive Support Program focuses on developing appropriate social skills, to gain and maintain positive peer interactions, and ultimately friendships.


For up to 3 hours of a student's school day, the Intensive Support Program provides assistance to classroom teachers as well as to the students at the times when they need it most. Classroom teachers are provided with behavioural protocols for each student in the Intensive Support Program, as well as with the opportunity to develop IEP goals with our Support Program Specialist. A 1:4 ratio ensures a higher standard of attention and care, while small class settings (1:10), provide an equally supportive environment for students to apply and challenge skills and concepts learned. 


The GOALSS Program
(Guided Opportunities for Academic Learning and Social Skills)

GOALSS is a full day program, taught by Ontario certified teachers and overseen by our Support Program Specialist. The curriculum focuses on functional academics across all subject areas, while incorporating the guiding principles of ABA (Applied Behavioural Analysis). Devoting longer timelines to each unit, and with a focus on mastery of skills, students are provided with the opportunity to understand, internalize, generalize, and apply their knowledge of curricular topics within small group settings.

The GOALSS Program nurtures social development through purposeful and guided peer interactions. During dynamic social periods throughout the day, students are able to apply and generalize social skills in order to gain confidence in building strong and reciprocated relationships with peers. These periods include before and after school activities, lunches, recesses, workshops, school celebrations and field trips that bring together our student body, or age appropriate divisions.

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