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Across all divisions, academic programming is individualized to target the goals of every student. paired with small class sizes and evidenced based teaching, Glen Briar Academy provides enriched academic curricula designed with your child in mind.


The Kindergarten curriculum at Glen Briar Academy was created with the specific aim of providing children with a balanced environment that is both nurturing and challenging.  Inquiry and play-based learning guides students through units that integrate and explore all curricular areas in a meaningful, relevant, and dynamic way.

Kindergarten student practicing phonics

The Primary years are a time to cement learning, to push boundaries and explore new avenues for growth.  Our Primary programs place a strong emphasis on applying knowledge through practical, hands on scenarios; creating meaningful learning opportunities that are relevant to our students' every day lives.


Our Junior classrooms provide an environment designed to challenge minds and promote innovative 


This ensures that our students not only possess the knowledge they need, but also the skills that will allow them to effectively and confidently share, modify and implement it, both in and out of the classroom. 


Our  Intermediate programs provide rigorous academic instruction that is differentiated to suit the goals of every pupil.  Students in Grades 7 & 8 are exposed to specialized knowledge through meaningful interactions, securing not only the understanding, but also the application of what they are learning.

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cross curricular

the magic of cross curricular teaching is that it provides multiple avenues to learning. In a cross curricular approach, students have more opportunities to interact with, understand, and relate learning topics to their own lives.

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