Glen Briar Academy was founded on the belief that innovation, not just tradition, is what fuels growth and development in education.

Konstantina Peristeris
Ph.D. Candidate, M.Ed., OCT
Founder and Director

Currently completing her PhD at York University, Ms. Peristeris' focus continues to be the facilitation of learning programs that meet the individual goals of each child. Guided by a belief in differentiated and experiential education, she infuses decades of knowledge and expertise into Glen Briar Academy's educational practices and ethos.

Brenda Kastner
Founder and Director of Studies

Ms. Kastner's experience, both in Canada and abroad, provides Glen Briar Academy and its staff with a unique perspective on education. Her pedagogy is strongly shaped by methods which promote hands on and student specific learning experiences across all disciplines. 

At the core of our ethos is the student and his/her development as a whole person.  We strive to create individuals who are, and will always be:


  -capable learners  

     -confident participants

         -successful contributors

            -aware and responsible citizens


In order to meet these goals, we ensure student access to advanced academic experiences, character and leadership skills development, all guided by  enriched and interactive curricula.