Started in 2018, our community garden serves as an extension of our classrooms, hosting endless cross curricular opportunities for learning and growth. "Early and regular interaction with nature is critical to healthy childhood development,"(*) and our garden provides just this, allowing frequent opportunities for children to produce food, learn science skills, and develop ecological values. In our garden, students learn to observe and interact, developing positive co-operation skills, inclusivity, and inquiry.

*Frey, D. as cited in Christopher, K.R. (2019).  The School Garden Curriculum. Gabriola Island, ,BC, CANADA: New Society Publishers


In conjunction with our school families, GBA is proud to host a monthly "Healthy Snack and Pizza Day." Volunteer families are responsible for selecting and preparing a healthy snack for students to share with their peers.  We encourage co-participation in all aspects of this task, setting the stage for children to partake in the selection, the preparation, the display, and finally, the sharing of this food. Our "Healthy Snack and Pizza Day" program continues to garner interest and attention among our school community, opening doors for even the pickiest eaters to try new and unknown fruits and vegetables.


An evidence-based food education program that facilitates interactive sensory approaches to spark children's imaginations, while cultivating life long healthy eating habits. By allowing students to interact with fresh produce in a multi sensory approach (not only through taste), we reduce the preconceptions children may hold towards fruits and vegetables, and open the doors to a more encompassing learning experience. Our Rainbow Food Explorers learn about food mindfulness, food insecurity and food waste, as well as the impacts of hosting and sharing a garden with our wider community.

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